5 Best Carpal Tunnel Relief Devices

best carpal tunnel relief devices

Over the years, many people have asked my advice about this or that product. And during this time, I’ve seen multiple carpal tunnel “remedy” products come and go.

I’ve listed the 5 best carpal tunnel relief devices people ask me about most often. The star rating system is based on patient remarks about their experiences and results with these products. In general, my main comment about all of these products is “be cautious.”  For instance, bear in mind that while many products claim they can relieve pain and other carpal tunnel symptoms, so can simple Tylenol.

However, Tylenol and the other products don’t address the root cause of the problem. That is, adhesions on tendons inside the carpal tunnel. Those adhesions have to break and disperse before any meaningful, long-lasting relief is possible.

Carpal Rx

Number 1 best carpal tunnel relief devices: the Carpal Rx ⋆⋆⋆⋆

I invented the Carpal Rx, so of course I believe it to be the best option. But I’m a scientist and form my opinions based on data and facts.

The facts endorse my opinion. The inspiration for the Carpal Rx  is a love story. I invented it after my wife began waking up with horrible hand pain. Since then, we’ve put Carpal Rx through a Clinical Study   and demonstrated that it has a 97% cure rate. That’s 47% better than surgery and no other device on the market has gone through the rigor of a clinical trial.

Carpal Rx is unique in that it operates with electric power. It works by producing  the same myofascial release massage for carpal tunnel that a physical therapist uses. The therapy gets to the root of the problem: tendon inflammation due to adhesions inside the carpal tunnel. The therapy breaks up the adhesions, reduces swelling, and drains excess fluid pressure. As a result, symptoms disappear permanently in over 97% of patients. Watch how it cures carpal tunnel here.

Number 2 best carpal tunnel relief devices: Medcom Hand & Wrist CPM 2 ⋆⋆⋆

This is an interesting device. It’s an exercise machine you rent. It allows for 9 different exercises for the hand and wrist.  While the company doesn’t specifically state the benefits for carpal tunnel, some of my patients found it helps. www.medcomgroup.com. 

I wrote a blog on the best carpal tunnel exercises you can start today.

Number 3 best carpal tunnel relief devices: the Carpal Solution ⋆⋆

Many of my patients told me they tried this, so I’m listing it to acknowledge its popularity.

It’s adhesive tape you wrap around your hand to open up and stretch the carpal tunnel.  The theory is the stretching relieves strain and pressure on the median nerve. Since that’s the source of carpal tunnel symptoms, it should also alleviate symptoms. However I’ve only spoken with patients for whom it didn’t work and I can’t opine further.  www.mycarpaltunnel.com

m brace carpal tunnel device

Number 4 best carpal tunnel relief devices: M-Brace ⋆⋆

This is a wrist brace reportedly assists in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. The premise is that it functions by maintaining the correct angles of the bones that make up the carpal tunnel. As a result, it allows more space for the median nerve to pass through, relieving pressure on the nerve. www.wrist-pain.com 


Number 5 best carpal tunnel relief devices: Armaid ⋆

This a tool you insert your arm into and then do a range of exercises. It’s based on the “no-pain no-gain” premise of therapy. You locate the sorest spot on your arm and the tool applies pressure to that point while you do the exercises. The combination breaks up tissue that limits range of motion.

The website makes no bones about the fact that it’s painful and a featured testimonial calls it a “forearm torture device.” The device seems to appeal to weight lifters.

The device wasn’t designed for carpal tunnel and the inventor is cautious about recommending it for anything other than tendonitis and repetitive strain injury of  the hand,  forearm and elbow.

However, it caught my interest when a patient told me about it because in theory it could work by breaking up adhesions. But it’s unlikely it works in the carpal tunnel. It’s very telling that the only area of the arm users are told NOT to use it if it hurts is the carpal tunnel.  www.armaid.com


The 5 best carpal tunnel relief devices in this list represent the most popular products based upon patient interviews. They are listed from the most positive patient remarks, opinions, and reviews to the least.

cure carpal tunnel at home

Two 15 minute Carpal Rx treatments
for 30 days cures symptoms in
97% of carpal tunnel patients.

About 15 years ago my wife was waking up during the wee hours screaming from carpal tunnel pain.
This isn’t an exaggerating. She’d literally scream from the pain shooting up through her wrist and into her shoulder. The poor thing still shudders when she thinks about it.

I knew she had carpal tunnel syndrome. And being a physiologist, I knew how to treat her. I’m skilled in a physical therapy technique called myofascial release. It’s a type of massage with an excellent track record for completely curing carpal tunnel symptoms.

So I’d massage her arm until the pain subsided and we could both go back to sleep. But her pain was so severe that she insisted on wanting surgery. It was so bad that she was afraid to go sleep at night.

I was dead-set against surgery because I knew myofascial release was a much better option. I made a bargain with her. Give me 30 days to cure her symptoms using massage and if it didn’t work – I’d go along with the surgery.

She agreed and I got busy in the lab. I hodgepodged together the first Carpal Rx prototype. Using it before bed for 15 minutes, she was able to sleep through the night by the 2nd day.

Carpal Rx, born out of love & compassion.

Dr. Z invented Carpal Rx to cure his wife’s symptoms so she didn’t have to undergo surgery.

Carpal Rx, born of love & compassion