Answers to the most common questions I’ve received during the 12 years I’ve served as the Carpal Rx medical director & spokesperson.

Q: What conditions can I use Carpal Rx for?

A: The Carpal Rx is effective for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis.

Q: Will the Carpal Rx get rid of my symptoms?

A: Yes! The Carpal Rx is proven effective in eliminating all symptoms including pain, numbness, tingling in 97% of patients.

Q: Will I get my hand strength back?

A: Yes! Not only does the Carpal Rx eliminate symptoms, it restores hand function, including strength and dexterity to normal again.

Q: How fast does the Carpal Rx work?

A: This varies with the person, the intensity of symptoms and how long they’ve had problems. In most people the Carpal Rx provides good symptoms relief by 30 days.

Q: When do I use the Carpal Rx?

A: Use it twice daily for 15 minutes (morning and evening) for at least 30 days.

Q: Can I use the Carpal Rx more often than twice daily to speed results?

A: No. While it won’t harm you, more frequent use will not speed recovery. That’s because your body needs about 12 hours to drain accumulated fluid from your wrist joint after using the Carpal Rx. That 12 hour rest period is crucial.

Q: How hard should I massage with the Carpal Rx?

A: A light massage is better than a hard one. The massage pressure should be no more than the weight of your arm resting on the Carpal Rx.

Q: Once symptoms disappear, do I still need to use the Carpal Rx?

A: Use the Carpal Rx until symptoms are gone. Continued use is not necessary.

Q: Can I wear the Carpal Rx while I sleep?

A: No. You only need 15 minutes of treatment before going to sleep. Any more will only irritate your arm.

Q: Does the Carpal Rx fit any hand size?

A: Yes, it’s universal design fits large or small arms, left or right side.

Q: Does insurance cover my Carpal Rx purchase?

A: Reimbursement for the Carpal Rx varies for everybody, and depends on your carrier, state, and your particular insurance policy.

Q: Can I still have surgery if the Carpal Rx is not successful on me?

A: Yes, but the probability of surgery being successful if the Carpal Rx is not is small.

Q: What happens if the Carpal Rx doesn’t work?

A: There’s a 97% chance all your symptoms will disappear within 30 days. If not, you still have 60 days to use it. If you’re not completely satisfied, send it back and we will refund every penny you paid.

Q: Are my hands too far gone to be helped by the Carpal Rx?

A: No! Even patients with bilateral end-stage carpal tunnel syndrome have restored their hands to normal or near-normal. However such might take 3-4 months to achieve.

Q: Is the Carpal Rx sold in stores?

A: Currently the Carpal Rx is only available online.