The Invention of the Carpal Rx is a Love Story!
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Carpal Rx Love Story

2 mins., 6 secs.

Transcript: “The Love Story behind the Carpal Rx”

This is Doctor Mike Zannakis…. neurophysiologist, biomedical engineer and inventor.

Everybody calls him, “Doctor Z”.

He’s invented a lot of medical devices in his career.

His most famous is the Carpal RX.… the patented medical device that cures carpal tunnel syndrome in 97% of patients.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and the Carpal Rx is no exception.

It all began in the wee hours of the morning when Dr. Z’s wife awoke from a sound sleep, literally screaming in pain.

Her hand felt like it was being crushed.

In his fogginess, Dr. Z did a quick exam and immediately understood it was carpal tunnel syndrome pain.

Being an expert, he also knew what to do.

He performed myofascial release massage on her wrist.

In a few minutes, the pain subsided and they could go back to sleep.

But the next night the pain was back again.

And again, Dr. Z performed myofascial release massage.

But this time, while massaging, he became aware of his finger’s motions.

Something clicked in his mind….

He thought, “I could build a machine that can exactly duplicate this motion!”

He spent the entire next day in his lab cutting up and bolting together scrap medical parts.

His technicians called it a “contraption”….but he knew it would work.

He was now ready for his wife’s pain to start.

And it did.

He put the contraption on her, and it automatically performed myofascial release massage, just as he designed it to do.

And sure enough, her pain went away.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure….

So the next night, he had Mrs. Z use the machine before going to sleep.

Amazingly, she didn’t wake up!

And he had her use it again the next morning, and again in the evening.

Within a week, Mrs. Z’s carpal tunnel pain was totally gone!

Thus, the Carpal Rx was born.

The key to its success is that the Carpal Rx performs myofascial release massage, just like a therapist does.

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when adhesions form around tendons.

These adhesions cause inflammation.

The inflammation produces excess fluid build-up inside the wrist joint.

When that happens, pressure increases, and the median nerve gets crushed.

That crushing is where all the pain, numbness and tingling of carpal tunnel syndrome comes from.

So, when you break up the adhesions, the inflammation subsides, and fluid drains out.

The nerve de-compresses, and your hand is restored.

The Carpal Rx does all this with its patented orbiting heads.

They drain fluid from the wrist joint and boost blood flow.

These actions combine to heal the inflamed tendons.

With 15 minute applications in the mornings and evenings, 97% of patients see their symptoms disappear in 30 days.

Dr. Z’s love for his wife created a medical device that thousands around the world have called a “God-send.”