free carpal tunnel syndrome test

by Dr. Maik Zannakis (“Dr. Z”)
NeuroPhysiologist :arrow: Media Personality

Watch the game as you cure carpal tunnel!

I invented the Carpal Rx massager for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

My goal was to design it so you can treat carpal tunnel at home. It’s not magic, just some physiology + engineering know-how.

The Carpal Rx is an electrical device that automatically produces myofascial release massage. Sound complicated? It really isn’t. It’s just a fancy way to say it does the same thing a therapist’s does on your wrist to treat this condition.

Therapists use their fingers to do a twisting, kneading motion on your wrist and forearm. This loosens stiff tissues and drains excess fluid inside the wrist joint. That’s important inside a space doctors call the “carpal tunnel.”

It’s inside that carpal tunnel that fluid pressure builds up during carpal tunnel syndrome. Consequently, as fluid builds up, the increasing pressure pushes on the nerve deep inside.

Why do tendons swell? Above all, irritated tendons swell due to adhesions. In other words, over-use of your fingers cause adhesions. For instance, like too much typing can do it. That makes the tendons stiff. More adhesions cause more swelling. And that causes more and more fluid accumulate.

As a result, the tendons enlarge or get thicker. Therefore, the enlarged tendons squeeze the nearby nerve. That squeezing is what gives you all the pain, numbness and tingling of carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Myofascial Release Works

Myofascial release reverses these negative effects of tendon swelling. It does so the following way:

  • First, it breaks up adhesions. This loosens the tissues and drains fluid away.
  • Second, it helps widen the carpal tunnel so there’s more room for the nerve. Imagine a therapist pushing their thumbs into your wrist joint. Then the therapist rotates their thumbs in opposite directions, and then reverses direction. Those massaging forces transmit to your tendons. It pushes and pulls them in every direction. Consequently, this is what makes myofascial release such a powerful therapy.
  • Third, it increases blood flow. This promotes healing.

The Carpal Rx Gets it Done Automatically

I made sure the Carpal Rx massager does all of the above, but without a human’s fingers. Thus, it isn’t just an ordinary massager like you see in drug stores. It’s ONLY for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I calibrated the Carpal Rx to perform the identical myofascial release motions a therapist uses on their patients. The Carpal Rx does that with unique orbiting heads. In short, it’s so unique that I patented the process.

Moreover, these orbiting heads don’t just spin. They move in a way more complicated than Shiatsu movements. Each head actually rotates and twirls simultaneously. Furthermore, each massaging head rides up and down over your skin, deeply kneading the tissues below.

How to Treat with the Carpal Rx

I recommend two fifteen minute treatment sessions each day. A 15 minute treatment in the morning loosens the tendons below. Also, fluid drains out immediately. But fluid re-accumulates during the day with hand and finger activity.

This is why you need another 15 minute treatment in the evening, just before going to sleep. The evening treatment drains away fluid that accumulated during the day.

By doing this for 30 days, your tendons are no longer swollen. They heal and are healthy again. That means they can drain fluid on their own which keeps adhesions from re-forming.

Without tendon swelling, the nerve in your wrist joint is no longer compressed. That means in 30 days, symptoms have disappeared. This is why the Carpal Rx massager is a potent therapy tool. You can get the same massage a human therapist gives you on your wrist. And you can have it done twice a day.

All this without having to pay a therapist for a month of treatments!