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Sure the Carpal Rx cure rate (97.9%) is momentous.
Even more important are the people who sent us their stories to share with you.
(just look are their faces – you can tell they’re not faking it!)


5 star review for Carpal Rx

Carol P.
Carol (a Michigan homemaker) and her daughters thank Dr. Z and the Carpal Rx for helping Mom get off pain meds.
42 secs

5 star review for Carpal Rx

Belen C.
Studying to become a court reporter, Belen developed carpal tunnel so severe she thought she’d have to drop out of school. We’re delighted we helped her get her life back on track!

38 secs

5 star review for Carpal Rx

Jackie B.
Jackie’s neurologist told her she need carpal tunnel surgery. She took advantage of the Carpal Rx 60-day money-back guarantee to see if it would cure her. Is she glad she did!
39 secs

5 star review for Carpal Rx

Dan H.
Dan was dreading going to work for fear his office duties would make his carpal tunnel pain flare-up. Now Dan’s worry free!
23 secs

4 star review for Carpal Rx

Alan Ward
Alan specializes in treating carpal tunnel syndrome at his clinic in Utah. Over the years he’s become a “big fan” of the Carpal Rx. He’s seen the Carpal Rx fully resolve symptoms in patients that otherwise would have needed surgery.
37 secs

5 star review for Carpal Rx

Cory J.
Cory works 3 jobs holding things together for his family. He was worried Carpal Rx wouldn’t work for him because his busy schedule prevented him from using it as directed.
38 secs

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