Carpal Tunnel Relief Exercises

You can easily prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or treat the discomforts that comes with it quite simply. The key to carpal tunnel prevention is learning how to perform carpal tunnel relief exercises. Make them a routine part of your daily working regimen for best results. Carpal tunnel relief exercises can be summarized as workouts for the wrists, fingers and hands, forearm, and shoulders and neck.

Carpal Tunnel Relief Exercises for the Wrist

  1. Wrist Exercises 1

    These carpal tunnel relief exercises will reduce pressure inside the carpal tunnel directly. As with all carpal tunnel relief exercises, start with range of motion maneuvers. For the right hand, interlace your fingers and flex and extend the right wrist as far as possible – but not to the point of being painful. Then move the right wrist from side to side. Hold each bend for 5 seconds. Then repeat these carpal tunnel relief exercises 5 more times. Then switch hands and repeat it for the left hand.

  2. Wrist Exercises 2

    This exercise requires you make a loose right fist with the palm up, and then use the other hand to press down against the fist. Be gentle, but resist the force with the closed right hand for 5 seconds. Make sure you keep the wrist straight. Now turn the right fist palm down, press the knuckles against the left open palm for 5 seconds. Turn the right palm so the thumb side of the fist is up, then press down again for 5 seconds. Repeat these carpal tunnel relief exercises with the left hand.

  3. Wrist Exercises 3

    The most common carpal tunnel relief exercise for the wrist requires you hold one hand straight up in front of you at shoulder height, with fingers together and the palm facing outward (pretend you’re saying “STOP!”). With the other hand, bend the STOP hand backward with fingers still held together. Hold this for 5 seconds. Then spread the fingers and thumb of the STOP hand while it’s still bent backward. Hold this position another 5 seconds. Repeat these carpal tunnel relief exercises 5 times for each hand.

  4. Wrist Exercises 4

    The final exercise for the wrist requires you hold your index and third fingers up while you close the other fingers. While holding your hand steady and halfway extended in front of you, draw 5 clockwise circles in the air with two fingertips. Remember to keep the wrist in the same place in the air. Similarly draw 5 more circles in the counterclockwise direction. Repeat these exercises with the other hand.

Exercises for Fingers and Hand

  1. Fingers and Hand Exercises 1

    One of the best carpal tunnel relief exercises for the fingers and hand is to tightly clench the fingers of both hands into a fist. Release the fingers while fanning them out. Do all this in slow motion. Repeat this process 5 times.

  2. Fingers and Hand Exercises 2

    Don’t forget to exercise the thumb. Good exercises for the thumb involve folding the thumb against the palm of that hand – just beneath the little finger – and hold it there for 5 seconds. Then spread all fingers apart with the palm facing up, and hold that position for 5 seconds. Repeat these exercises with the other hand.

  3. Fingers and Hand Exercises 3

    Another easy and effective exercise for the thumb is to gently pull it out and back. Hold it there for 5 seconds. Do this 5 times. Repeat these exercises with the other hand.

Exercises for the Forearm

It’s essential to exercise the forearm which contains all of the hand’s extensor and flexor tendons. A great carpal tunnel relief exercise for the forearm is to put both hands together in front of your chest with fingers pointing upward (this is the “prayer position”). Keep both palms flat together and then raise both elbows to stretch out the forearm muscles. Stretch them for 10 seconds. Then gently shake both hands limp and at your side for a few seconds to loosen them up. Repeat these exercises regularly when arms and hands get tired from over-activity.

Carpal Tunnel Relief Exercises for Neck and Shoulders

  1. Neck and Shoulders Exercise 1

    Finally, it’s helpful to perform carpal tunnel relief exercises to help neck and shoulder joints. Sit upright and put the right hand on top of the left shoulder. Hold that shoulder down and slowly tip your head down toward the right side. Keep facing forward or turned slightly to the right side if possible. Gently hold this stretch for 5 seconds. Repeat this carpal exercise on the opposite side.

  2. Neck and Shoulders Exercise 2

    The final exercise will also greatly help relieve carpal tunnel symptoms. This carpal tunnel relief exercise helps loosen tissues in the neck and shoulders. Stand in a relaxed position with both arms at your side. Shrug both shoulders up and then squeeze both shoulders backward. Then stretch both shoulders downward, and then press them forward. You’re essentially making circular motions with each shoulder. Do this this carpal tunnel exercise for 5 rotations.