Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Homeopathy

carpal tunnel syndrome homeopathy

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand and wrist pathology affecting over 5 million Americans. The pain, numbness or tingling drives many people to seek just about any remedy that sounds like it might have a chance of working. Indeed, all this to avoid having carpal tunnel surgery. Thus, when it comes to questions about carpal tunnel syndrome, homeopathy is usually one of the first things people ask me about. Unfortunately, you may not like what I’m about to say, but it’s scientific fact nonetheless: homeopathy is entirely a scam. I’ll explain what you need to know.

What’s in homeopathic “medicines”?

ALL homeopathic medicines are ONLY pure water or pure sugar. Period. There are no exceptions to the ingredients in all homeopathic products:

  • All homeopathic  liquid “medicines” are pure water. There are NO other ingredients.
  • All homeopathic  tablet “medicines” are pure sugar. There are NO other ingredients.

Therefore, how can pure water or sugar cure carpal tunnel symptoms? It can’t, and it never did. Indeed, this is why (on a regular basis) the FDA warns homeopathic firms about their product claims.

Also, thousands of people call themselves “homeopathic doctors”. They are not doctors. Rather, they promote homeopathy to treat an variety of diseases simply to scam money from ill-informed customers. As a matter of fact (scientific fact!), the entire field is quackery. This medical scam dupes millions of people every year, and its proponents should go to prison.

How homeopathic “medicines” are made

The basic principle of homeopathy is simple – although loony. First, you start with an herb purported to have some effect on your condition. Then expose it to water. Next, that water is diluted so many times that there isn’t a single molecule of the compound in the resulting “medicine”. Indeed, it’s pure water.

In fact, proponents say the more dilute, the more powerful the resultant “medicine”. They claim the compound imparts an “energetic memory” to the water. Also, by some magic, the water gets more powerful the purer it is. Indeed, it’s the same process for sugar pills. Proponents claim sugar retains the energy of the pure water. Thus, plain and simple, homeopathy is complete nonsense.

Carpal tunnel syndrome homeopathy “medicines”

Unfortunately, useless carpal tunnel syndrome homeopathy remedies are everywhere. Again, all of these products are just pure water or pure sugar. However, the bottles imply they contain herbs like arnica, calcarea phosphorica, causticum, guaiacum, hypericum, rhus toxicodendron, ruta graveolens or viola odorata. But, in the end, they’re diluted so much that NOT ONE MOLECULE of the original herb remains.

Quackery has no place in modern medicine. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious medical condition. Moreover, you cannot treat it with water or sugar. Indeed, you need real medical therapy to eliminate your symptoms.

Why some say carpal tunnel syndrome homeopathy “medicines” work

Some people swear that carpal tunnel syndrome homeopathy “medicines” work to cure their symptoms. But do they really?

Never discount the power of the mind. For instance, stress, anxiety & carpal tunnel are all related. Thus, the mind has enormous power over the body, and plays a huge role in the healing process. As as result, it’s why the well-known placebo effect is so potent. In fact, the placebo effect is the ONLY reason homeopathic “medicines” work in some people. Therefore, it’s not the homeopathic “medicine” but the person’s mind that heals.

Finally, get real therapy for your condition immediately so it doesn’t worsen. And don’t fall for the homeopathy scam.


Every doctor and scientist attests that homeopathy is quackery. Its only benefit is a placebo effect. Thus, carpal tunnel syndrome homeopathy “medicines” are a waste of money. Moreover, they prevent you from getting the real attention you need to get rid of symptoms for good.

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About 15 years ago my wife was waking up during the wee hours screaming from carpal tunnel pain.
This isn’t an exaggerating. She’d literally scream from the pain shooting up through her wrist and into her shoulder. The poor thing still shudders when she thinks about it.

I knew she had carpal tunnel syndrome. And being a physiologist, I knew how to treat her. I’m skilled in a physical therapy technique called myofascial release. It’s a type of massage with an excellent track record for completely curing carpal tunnel symptoms.

So I’d massage her arm until the pain subsided and we could both go back to sleep. But her pain was so severe that she insisted on wanting surgery. It was so bad that she was afraid to go sleep at night.

I was dead-set against surgery because I knew myofascial release was a much better option. I made a bargain with her. Give me 30 days to cure her symptoms using massage and if it didn’t work – I’d go along with the surgery.

She agreed and I got busy in the lab. I hodgepodged together the first Carpal Rx prototype. Using it before bed for 15 minutes, she was able to sleep through the night by the 2nd day.

Carpal Rx, born out of love & compassion.

Dr. Z invented Carpal Rx to cure his wife’s symptoms so she didn’t have to undergo surgery.

Carpal Rx, born of love & compassion