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by Dr. Maik Zannakis (“Dr. Z”)
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How I Designed the CarpalRx Massager

I’m honored to help patients get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome with the CarpalRx massager I created. That’s what I made it for!

Many years ago my wife was suffering with this painful condition. She had hand pain on and off during the day. But lately she was waking up in the middle of the night. She was literally crying about how much her hand hurt.

I knew it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I also knew that doing myofascial release on her wrist would help. So I sat at her bedside and did it.

That was the Inspiration

While doing the massage, I was spellbound watching my fingers push and twist over her wrist. I thought, “I can build a machine that does his!”

With the help of my technicians, I devoted the entire next day in my laboratory to building the device. The result was what my staff called a “contraption”. Actually, it was scary-looking, with motors, gears and metal. But when I plugged it in, the prototype rotated and moved just like I wanted.

I took it home and when she woke up I had it ready. The machine did a myofascial release massage on her wrist exactly as I did the previous night. As the pain dwindled, she went to sleep. The next day her hand felt a lot better. The pain was minimal. So we used it again to massage her wrist before going to sleep.

By the fourth night she didn’t wake up at all. Not once. In fact, she never again woke up during the night with hand pain. The prototype worked!

I made better and better prototypes and asked volunteers with carpal tunnel to try them. They reported the same amazing results my wife had. So within a year I finalized design that could help anybody with carpal tunnel pain.

Why the Carpal Rx Massager Work So Well

The key to the CarpalRx’s success is that it produces myofascial release massage. It’s identical to what a trained therapist does on you your wrist and forearm. Therapists have known for years that myofascial release massage is the best way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. It does so easily, safely and very effectively.

Myofascial release means that the tissues are pulled and pushed in a certain way. When done on tendons, it breaks up tiny adhesions that cause inflammation. And it’s inflammation that causes swelling and fluid buildup in your wrist. That fluid buildup is the main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

But myofascial release loosens the adhesions and drains excess fluid. When it’s done for 30 days, carpal tunnel symptoms disappear forever. This is exactly what the CarpalRx does – only automatically.

Fast forward to today. Numerous medical publications and thousands of patients later confirm my original idea was on target. Thanks to my wife’s hurting hand, the CarpalRx massager has spread to help patients around the world.

The CarpalRx massager helps thousands avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. It also helps them avoid surgery! It’s one of the most potent tools to fight carpal tunnel syndrome.