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About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Everybody knows about carpal tunnel syndrome when pain comes from  computer work. However few understand carpal tunnel is the problem when you do something as simple as gripping a steering wheel.

If your hand goes numb lifting weights, pushing a grocery cart or holding an umbrella – there’s a good chance carpal tunnel is the problem.

Technically, it’s called a “peripheral entrapment neuropathy.”  This means your median nerve is getting squeezed. It runs runs from your shoulder, through the arm, to the hand  and through your wrist. Inside the wrist it gets “entrapped” between bones collectively called the carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel warning signs arise when the median nerve reacts to being squeezed. Did you ever squeeze (by leaning) on your funny bone, which is actually the ulnar nerve in your elbow? Hurts like crazy, doesn’t it!

It’s nearly the exact same thing. People resort to carpal tunnel surgery to stop the pain. But you don’t have to – this website is dedicated to relieving your pain without surgery!

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