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Carpal Tunnel Prevention

Carpal tunnel prevention is something many people need to practice. It’s especially true if you work your hands hard, making rapid, forceful movements. That means you’re at high risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. When you get it, you’ll have hand or finger pain, numbness and tingling. Sometimes symptoms get so bad that you can’t even use your hand.

In fact, carpal tunnel syndrome is responsible for the hand pain in millions of Americans. A quarter million people have surgery each year to try and fix it. But surgery isn’t a magic pill because many surgeries fail. This is why doctors say that carpal tunnel prevention is the key to never having surgery in the first place.

You can prevent carpal tunnel from ever showing up with just a few simple measures. They are activity avoidance, rest, stretches, heating pads and massage. These will greatly reduce your chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. They will also save you the time, agony, and expense of carpal tunnel release surgery.

About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The condition we call carpal tunnel syndrome Do you suspect you have carpal tunnel? I'm certain you're reading this because you have problems with your hand or fingers. And you'd like to know more about [...]

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