Carpal Tunnel Surgery Info

Welcome to the the most reliable source on the Web for carpal tunnel surgery info! You’re probably here because you’re thinking about having the surgery. Your hand or fingers must be painful. Or else the numbness or tingling is making life miserable. Surgery is a big step, so go into it with eyes wide open. I can help you with that.

Please be cautioned that half of patients surveyed had symptoms return within 2 years of surgery. That’s because surgery doesn’t cure the underlying causes of carpal tunnel.

And while the operation isn’t as risky as heart surgery, neither is it as risk-free as wart removal.

Enjoy my blog – and you’re welcome to email [email protected] with questions. If your concerns are pressing, don’t hesitate to phone. Good luck!

Open Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Open Carpal Tunnel Surgery I will explain every detail about experiencing open carpal tunnel surgery. You might be thinking about this operation for the pain and tingling in your hands or fingers. While it’s not a guarantee, most surgeons recommend it for carpal [...]

Results of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Scar

Carpal Tunnel Scar When patients undergo carpal tunnel release surgery, they will always have a scar on their hand. That little (or big) reminder is technically a “carpal tunnel release surgery scar”. However, most patients simply call it a “carpal tunnel scar”. Whatever [...]

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