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Welcome to the the most reliable source on the Web for carpal tunnel surgery info! You’re probably here because you’re thinking about having the surgery. Your hand or fingers must be painful. Or else the numbness or tingling is making life miserable. Surgery is a big step, so go into it with eyes wide open. I can help you with that.

For one thing, half of patients who were surveyed for satisfaction weren’t happy two years after their surgery.

Why? Mostly because symptoms came back. In others, there were complications, or else they permanently lost some hand function. Carpal tunnel surgery certainly isn’t as risky as open heart surgery.  But neither is it as risk-free as wart removal.

Talk frankly to your doctor. Know what to expect. Understand the risks and benefits.

And remember, I’m the doctor that’s always in. I’ve got your back when it comes to carpal tunnel surgery info. Call my office or email me at Text me if you want!

I’ll help you do your homework.

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