Recovering from Carpal Surgery

/Recovering from Carpal Surgery

Recovering from carpal surgery

Recovering from carpal surgery is different for everyone.

Much of what you’ll encounter depends on who well prepared you are. Additional factors include your age, weight and general health. For example, taking diabetes or heart medications complicates things.

The good news is there’s an excellent chance you can cancel your surgery. 97% of carpal surgery patients can cure their symptoms at home using the Carpal Rx.

Find out what you need to know about recovery from Dr. Z below. If you’d rather speak to him, just call and ask to speak with him. He’s happy to take calls from people anxious about surgery. Phone 800-450-6118.

Be sure to ask him if he thinks the Carpal Rx will work for you. You do have a 97% probability that you won’t need the surgery. These stats are based on the 11 years Dr. Z has helped patients. He’s one of the world’s foremost authorities on carpal tunnel syndrome.

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