Can a Chiropractor Help Carpal Tunnel ?

chiropractor help carpal tunnel

It’s likely you’re reading this because you have carpal tunnel symptoms. The pain, tingling, numbness, weakness and other bothersome symptoms are interfering with your life. You once visited a chiropractor for your aching back or neck, right? And he or she probably did a great job relieving the pain. Now you wonder, “Can a chiropractor help carpal tunnel go away?” It’s a reasonable question, but not an simple answer.

About carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most costly of all job-related injuries. For instance, a typical carpal tunnel patient loses about $32,000 in their lifetime due to the condition. Indeed, this includes all medical bills and any lost wages due to time away from work. Of course, the employer loses nearly the same amount.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder of the tendons inside your wrist joint. Basically, the tendons form adhesions between each other. As a result, the adhesions cause irritation and make tendons swell with fluid. Then, fluid builds up. The swelling and fluid increases pressure on all tissues inside with wrist joint. Hence. the swollen tissues crush the adjacent median nerve. That’s where all the pain and other symptoms come from. Thus, carpal tunnel syndrome is basically a soft tissue problem involving tendons and nerves inside your wrist joint.

Why can a chiropractor help carpal tunnel?

Chiropractors help heal the body by using manipulation techniques. That’s a hands-on method using massage and tissue alignment. According to the American Chiropractic Association, to have a chiropractor help carpal tunnel symptoms, he or she will initially prescribe rest for your hand. This includes avoiding strenuous hand activities. It also includes wearing a wrist splint while sleeping.

The next step is when the chiropractor performs manipulation on the wrist. In fact, the technique they use is “myofascial release” massage. Over time, this technique breaks apart the adhesions causing tendon inflammation. That lets fluid drain out of the wrist joint, and promotes healing. Therefore, the nerve is no longer crushed and symptoms melt away. With multiple treatments, healing takes a few weeks to complete. As a result, the hand is restored to normal.

How does a chiropractor help carpal tunnel?

Patients say the myofascial release massage therapy for carpal tunnel is nothing short of magical. Indeed, carpal tunnel symptoms disappear completely and often permanently. However, there’s a catch – cost.

The limitations of chiropractic for carpal tunnel are purely economic. The reason is because this type of therapy must be performed by a trained therapist. Also, it must be done at least once per day. Thus, to have a chiropractor help carpal tunnel, you must be able to afford the fees.

Twice a day treatment is best for symptoms to disappear faster. Therefore, the treatment schedule at a chiropractor’s office is usually as follows:

  • Once a day treatment must be performed for 6-7 weeks.
  • Twice a day treatments must be performed for 3-4 weeks.

Hence, consider the cost of such treatments with a chiropractor. One 15 minute session is approximately $35. Therefore, a once daily treatment for 7 weeks will cost $1,225. Similarly, twice daily treatments for 4 weeks will cost $1,400.

Carpal Rx replaces chiropractic for carpal tunnel

Who says you need to spend that much money for myofascial release massage? In fact, the Carpal Rx was designed to reproduce chiropractic for carpal tunnel automatically. You take it home and get the identical treatment a chiropractor gives you. However, the cost is far less than visiting a chiropractic office each day to get rid of symptoms.

Watch this video to see why a therapist recommends his patients use the Carpal Rx to eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome.


In order to have a chiropractor help carpal tunnel syndrome, you must be able to afford the treatments. Chiropractors use myofascial release massage. This is a highly effective and successful remedy. But, it must be performed at least once a day for 4 weeks to relieve symptoms for good. Visiting a chiropractor’s office for this long is expensive. However, the Carpal Rx was designed to perform the identical myofascial release automatically. Moreover, you take it home and apply the therapy every day, and at your own convenience. It has a 97% success rate. In fact, that’s the same success rate you get from a chiropractor after 4 weeks of daily treatments.

cure carpal tunnel at home

Two 15 minute Carpal Rx treatments
for 30 days cures symptoms in
97% of carpal tunnel patients.

About 15 years ago my wife was waking up during the wee hours screaming from carpal tunnel pain.
This isn’t an exaggerating. She’d literally scream from the pain shooting up through her wrist and into her shoulder. The poor thing still shudders when she thinks about it.

I knew she had carpal tunnel syndrome. And being a physiologist, I knew how to treat her. I’m skilled in a physical therapy technique called myofascial release. It’s a type of massage with an excellent track record for completely curing carpal tunnel symptoms.

So I’d massage her arm until the pain subsided and we could both go back to sleep. But her pain was so severe that she insisted on wanting surgery. It was so bad that she was afraid to go sleep at night.

I was dead-set against surgery because I knew myofascial release was a much better option. I made a bargain with her. Give me 30 days to cure her symptoms using massage and if it didn’t work – I’d go along with the surgery.

She agreed and I got busy in the lab. I hodgepodged together the first Carpal Rx prototype. Using it before bed for 15 minutes, she was able to sleep through the night by the 2nd day.

Carpal Rx, born out of love & compassion.

Dr. Z invented Carpal Rx to cure his wife’s symptoms so she didn’t have to undergo surgery.

Carpal Rx, born of love & compassion