Will You Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

will you get carpal tunnel syndrome

With it’s increasing prevalence, many people ask me, “Will I get carpal tunnel syndrome?” It’s hard to answer that. Many factors determine your probability. But certain key facts about your life can add to the chances of getting this painful condition. Thus, if you don’t have carpal tunnel symptoms yet, the following factors can help determine the probability. And even though you might have an increased likelihood of getting carpal tunnel, don’t despair. Remember that carpal tunnel syndrome is treatable with highly effective non-surgical options.

Your sex

About 70% of carpal tunnel syndrome cases occur in women. Moreover, the highest frequency is in women of menopausal age who also are obese, smokers or diabetic. In fact, middle-aged females have a much higher risk for carpal tunnel than middle-aged males. However, exactly why you will get carpal tunnel syndrome (as a female) more readily than males is unknown.

Will you get carpal tunnel due to your weight?

Will you get carpal tunnel syndrome by being obese? Yes! Your carpal tunnel doctor will tell you that obesity is a major factor in getting this condition. Actually, losing weight can reverse the symptoms. A 10 month aerobic exercise program can greatly improve nerve function and reduce symptoms. As patients lose weight, two things happen. First, you have improved circulation. Second you metabolize more oxygen. As a result, symptoms decline greatly. Diabetics also tend to be more obese. Hence, that amplifies the risk for getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Will  you get carpal tunnel with poor health?

Vitamin vitamin C deficiency may determine if you will get carpal tunnel syndrome.  That’s why it’s advisable for those with carpal tunnel syndrome to take this vitamin as a supplement. However, nobody understands its relationship to the condition quite yet. Other major health factors contributing to carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • diabetes
  • smoking
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • hypothyroidism

Will you get carpal tunnel if your relative has it?

There’s no argument that genes predispose you to acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome. This hereditary factor causes events inside the carpal tunnel that leads to the condition. Thus, survey your family history! A family history of this condition (as in a close relative like a parent or sibling) will greatly increase the chance you get carpal tunnel syndrome. But exactly how genes determine this is unknown.

Your personality

Psychological surveys show carpal tunnel patients usually are somewhat emotionally frustrated. They tend to express more stress and anxiety. Frequently, they are unable to attain what they desire in life. For instance, they crave a new home or new job. In fact, psychological studies show remarkable results after patients have psychotherapy. With removal of psychological barriers, symptoms tend to clear up. However, why your probability to get carpal tunnel syndrome increases with having psychological barriers is a mystery.

stress and carpal tunnel

Your Job

Certain high risk jobs causing carpal tunnel are well known. In fact, any occupation that exposes your hands to constant movement and work greatly increases the chances of getting carpal tunnel. These occupations and their hand activities don’t directly cause carpal tunnel syndrome. However, they allow the condition to blossom. The problem multiplies when using vibrating hand tools. Thus, jobs like assembly line workers, meat packers, carpenters and dental hygienists should take precautions. Indeed, they require focused measures toward carpal tunnel prevention before symptoms appear.

Wrist Fractures

You fractured a wrist. Will you get carpal tunnel? In fact, the chances more than quadruple! The anatomy of the wrist joint makes the median nerve (deep inside, between the bones) vulnerable to injury when there’s wrist trauma. Indeed, trauma can alter the wrist’s anatomy. As a result, the nerve undergoes compression. Thus, wrist fracture are a known culprit behind causing carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes the symptoms reverse by themselves. However, most times they do not.


The probability that you get carpal tunnel syndrome increases according to several risk factors. Chief among them is having a family member who has or had this condition. Your overall health is also a factor to consider.

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