Hand Stretching for Gamers

hand stretching for gamers

Almost everybody knows that gaming is both fun and addictive. You can get stuck in a game for hours without even knowing it. However, we now know that working a gaming console or computer causes hand problems. In fact, the National Institutes of Health warns that gamers are among the people who are at the highest risk for getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Indeed, most gamers say at one time or another they’ve had carpal tunnel symptoms. Therefore, hand stretching for gamers is crucial in order to keep this carpal tunnel from happening. The following stretches are specifically for those who perform daily repetitive hand and finger activities. You should do them for every 30-60 minutes of time you spend gaming.

prayer stretch

Palm and hand stretching for gamers

  • First, start with your left hand. Put the palm against the wall and then spread all fingers widely. Now extend (straighten) the elbow while pressing into the wall. Next, take a few breaths. Then bend your head sideways, trying to touch the right ear to the right shoulder. As you do, bring the left shoulder inward slowly, as if facing the wall. Then hold this position for 30 seconds. Finally, repeat for the left hand, and then repeat the cycle a few more times.
  • Second, push both palms together, fingers together and up, in a “prayer position”. Keep both hands close to your chest in front of you. Next, relax your shoulders and slowly raise both elbows. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then drop your arms at your side and shake out your hands for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise several times. When it comes to hand stretching for gamers, this is one of the best. Indeed, you should feel your forearms and wrists stretching like you’ve never felt them before.
  • Third, hold one hand up as if you’re saying “STOP!” With the opposite hand, reach up and grab your fingers. Then pull them backwards. Maintain this position for 10 seconds. Next, drop both hands at your sides, wring them out. Finally, repeat the process several more times.
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Finger and hand stretching for gamers

  • First, grab your straightened index finger. Next, gently pull back on it and hold this position for 5 seconds. You will feel the base of the finger stretch. Finally, repeat with each finger, but not the thumb.
  • Second, interlace your fingers. Then rotate both hands so that they’re facing away from you. Next, push out and straighten out your arms while all fingers remain interlaced. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Then drop both hands at your sides, wring them out, and repeat the process several more times. All finger and hand stretching for gamers should include this exercise. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended you perform it routinely.
  • Third, all hand stretching for gamers should employ a thumb stretch. For instance, rotate it like a helicopter blade. Do so several times, and then change direction. Also, as a final step, pull the thumb backward, slowly and gently. Hold that position for 10 seconds, and then switch hands. Finally, repeat these exercises several more times.

Wrist and hand stretching for gamers

With both hands in front of you, make a lose fists. Next, make slow circular motions with each fist. Pretend each thumb tip is making circles on a blackboard. Try to make those circles as big as you can, for about 10 seconds. Then, switch directions. Hand stretching for gamers often does not include wrist exercises, so this should be done as often as possible.


Hand stretching for gamers sounds like a good idea, but few people do them. Periodically exercising your hand and fingers while playing will help avoid getting carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, once the pain, numbness or tingling starts, it’s much harder to treat. Thus, carpal tunnel prevention with the right stretches is the key!

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