Massage to Get Rid of Hand Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist and forearm massage therapy can easily get rid of hand pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a highly beneficial way for people with carpal tunnel syndrome to permanently get rid of their hand pain and other symptoms without surgery. When performed professionally, it is also an excellent preventive measure that reduces the advancement of carpal tunnel syndrome to more severe levels. Properly applied deep tissue myofascial release massage is nearly 100% effective in alleviating carpal tunnel syndrome because it drains fluid that’s built up inside the carpal tunnel. This fluid exerts pressure on the median nerve, so releasing that pressure helps the nerve to recover. The massage also breaks adhesions around the flexor tendons, reducing inflammation, and allowing them to glide more smoothly adjacent to the median nerve within the carpal tunnel.

Most Important Points

There are several key factors to note when you use

massage to treat carpal tunnel syndrome:

1. Insure the deep tissue myofascial release massage is properly applied. Many people make the mistake of trying to massage themselves, and this simply cannot be done effectively. The motions and forces required make it impossible to do it on yourself. You should either have a professional physical or massage therapist perform this technique for you, or use the Carpal Rx which is a dedicated wrist and forearm device that’s calibrated to automatically provide a professional deep tissue myofascial release massage therapy.

2. Establish a regimen. You must get deep tissue myofascial release massage therapy often and for 2-4 weeks. Carve out time (preferably morning and night) where you can get 15 minutes of treatment to alleviate your carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Get myofascial release therapy often. Going to a massage or physiotherapist only twice a week for carpal tunnel syndrome is like throwing your money away. For this massage to be effective in permanently getting rid of carpal tunnel syndrome you must have it done on your wrist and forearm at least twice daily, every day, for 2-4 weeks. (This is why the Carpal Rx is so effective – you use it in your own home to get the identical deep tissue massage therapy.)

4. Proper massage takes time. Wrist and forearm deep tissue myofascial release massage therapy must be performed for a minimum of 2 weeks to effectively and permanently alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome. And do not quit abruptly after a 2 week regimen. Rather, stop your regimen gradually, where you have this massage only once daily for a few days, and then a few times per week for a couple weeks.

5. Almost every therapist will use myofascial release massage techniques. This involves “kneading” the tissues of your forearm. That motion breaks or “releases” the adhesions between the muscles (“myo”) and their surrounding connective tissues (“fascia”). These adhesions occur with carpal tunnel syndrome and are a leading cause of its long-term associated pain. Any massage or physiotherapist can do this properly.

6. Never use a vibration massager. Vibrating tool users are almost 10 times more likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome than other people. So don’t invite more carpal tunnel syndrome pain with a vibrating device.

The Therapist’s Methods

1. A therapist uses their thumbs to produce deep, circular patterns on your forearm. The therapist’s thumbs never stay in one spot, but move up and down your lower wrist and forearm area. As they go, the massaging thumbs “knead” your skin and deeper tissues. And they use as much massage pressure as you can bear without it being too painful. This is done for about 10 minutes.

3. The massaging thumbs mostly work the base of your wrist, where the nerve compression is most severe. The massaging motion will concentrate on moving across the wrist, as well as forward and backward.

4. The massaging thumbs will make circular strokes over your wrist and forearm. This pattern is repeated over and over. Such a pattern will drain fluid from inside the carpal tunnel and break the adhesions that caused tendon inflammation.

Important Final Remarks

Almost every physical therapist or massage therapist attests to the fact that deep tissue myofascial release massage therapy works 100% of the time to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome so your pain and numbness will disappear forever. But they also caution that for this technique to work, it must be performed every day and for a few weeks. If you can’t devote yourself to such a regimen, then you’re wasting your money.

If you cannot visit a therapist on a regular basis, you should use the Carpal Rx. It’s specifically designed to perform the identical deep tissue massage on your wrist and forearm so you don’t have to visit (and pay) a therapist daily.