What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Do you have hand pain? Wrist pain? Numbness or tingling? Do these symptoms and warning signs wake you up and make you lose sleep? You might have carpal tunnel. It’s medical name is actually carpal tunnel syndrome. This painful condition is due to one or more several factors. But you might be surprised to know that one of them is a dysfunction in your spine. Spine misalignment & carpal tunnel can be related. Indeed, spine misalignment can mimic a number of conditions. A major one is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Spine misalignment & carpal tunnel symptoms

Spinal subluxations are specific misalignments of the spinal vertebrae. They are most commonly found in the lower cervical spine. As a result, that misalignment causes swelling in the nerves responsible for carrying sensory impulses from the wrist and hand.

Thus, your carpal tunnel (deep inside the wrist joint) may be perfectly normal. However, an irritated or inflamed nerve in the spine can make it feel like the pain originates from the fingers, hand or wrist. In addition, this nerve irritation produces inflammation (swelling) in the muscles and other tissues that it supplies all along the nerve’s length in the arm. This makes the muscles and tendons hypersensitive. As a result, there is abnormal tension in the forearm tendons. The resulting mechanical forces (produced by spinal misalignment) cause carpal tunnel symptoms. This is how spine misalignment & carpal tunnel symptoms can be related.

The root cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is tendon inflammation. To permanently alleviate the inflammation, merely removing pressure on the median nerve (like surgery attempts) is not enough. And it’s one reason carpal tunnel release surgery has a high failure rate. However, massage therapy can alleviate the inflammation permanently because it drains excess  fluid.  In addition, it breaks up the adhesions that cause the inflammation. This is exactly what the  Carpal Rx does: it’s calibrated to perform myofascial release massage in order to completely eliminate symptoms.