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Dr. Maik Zannakis ( Dr. Z )
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“My Carpal Rx spared 1000s
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Dr. Z
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Carpal Rx makes all other carpal tunnel treatments obsoleteCarpal Rx cures 48% better than surgery
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Carpal Rx treatments are fast & simple:

1) Just slip it on . . .

slip on the carpal rx

Turn it on & relax for 15 mins:

relax for 15 mins

Do this simple, pleasant routine twice a day for 30 days & pain, numbness, tingling all go away.

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Experienced hand pain sufferers know
there’s a lot of pseudo & plagiarized science on the Internet
“proving” carpal solution claims.
You don’t have to worry about false claims here.

Carpal Rx is a home use physical therapy device that’s clinically proven to cure symptoms in 97% of patients.

That’s a better track record than carpal tunnel surgery at a tiny fraction of the cost.

And unlike surgery, you get your money back if it doesn’t work.

Carpal Rx home use carpal tunnel treatment

Meet Dr. Z, the award-winning expert in nerve injury & repair who invented the Carpal Rx.

Expertise in nerve repair is important to carpal tunnel patients because it’s the nerve in your wrist that gets damaged & causes symptoms.
If your symptoms:
  • are making you miserable, 
  • are waking you up at night,
  • or if you’re scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery:
Dr. Z is happy to consult you free of charge.
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As a neurophysiologist, Dr. Z is trained in
a specialized physical therapy

Myofascial release is definitively proven to cure carpal tunnel symptoms.

For example, the association for hand surgeons (Journal of the American Osteopathetic Assoc. – JAOA) ran a series of articles on the subject.

They report clinical studies on carpal tunnel patients treated with mayofascial release by either a physician or a physical therapist.

The data clearly demonstrates mayofascial release works & is recommended instead of carpal tunnel surgery.

Myofascial release of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Myofascial manipulative release of carpal tunnel syndrome: documentation with magnetic resonance imaging.
mayofascial release therapy cures carpal tunnel study

Because mayofascial release cures carpal symptoms, Dr. Z knew exactly what to do
when Mrs. Z started waking up a night
literally screaming from hand & arm pain.



He performed mayofascial release on her until the pain subsided & they could both go back to sleep.

myofascial release massage


When Mrs. Z woke up the next night with the same pain, Dr. Z got the brilliant idea to build a machine that automatically delivers myofascial release therapy.

To the right is a picture of Dr. Z holding the Carpal Rx prototype he  designed for use in his pilot study to test the effectiveness of the device.

myofascial release massage

It worked better than anyone expected!

In 2010, Dr. Z proved in his
statistically significant clinical trial that
Carpal Rx cures symptoms in 97% of patients. 

NO other product or scientist can
legally make this claim.

automatic myofascial release therapy

Carpal Rx carpal tunnel treatment

Carpal Rx treatments are fast & simple:

Just slip it on . . .

Carpal Rx carpal tunnel treatment

Turn it on & relax for 15 mins:

relaxing during Carpal Rx treatment
Do this simple, pleasant routine twice a day for 30 days
& pain, numbness, tingling all go away
Want to see how Carpal Rx works?
we made you a video
Show me the explainer video
Want to try the Carpal Rx?
don’t worry, your investment is secure
Carpal Rx comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
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Want Dr. Z to evaluate your hand symptoms?
he’ll give you all the time you need
to make an educated decision
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Last century, carpal tunnel syndrome became the scourge of the workplace.  Massive efforts to control it coined a new word as well as the industry named after it: “ergonomics.” Soon, just the idea of a  carpal tunnel treatment spawned an industry! Fortunes were made on weird gadgets, funky braces and the now commonplace hand surgery clinic.

Problem is nothing cured carpal tunnel. Not even surgery. A well-kept secret is that  51% of surveyed patients complain their symptoms return within 2 years.

Because surgery has such a high failure rate, the AAOS (the association that regulates hand surgery practices) published guidelines for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. The guidelines clearly stipulate surgeons should try all non-surgical remedies for at least 6 months BEFORE recommending surgery. You can read Dr. Z’s blog post “My Carpal Tunnel Doctor Doesn’t Care About Me,” where he tells Paul’s surgery story.

The problem is that treating carpal tunnel became big business instead of patient care.

Carpal Rx isn’t just a machine, it’s our company culture!
Our staff loves helping people with hand pain & Dr. Z  enjoys answering your questions.


Hand pain questions?
Really & truly you can call Dr. Z directly at 800-450-6118 ext. 1
If it’s off hours, leave a message & we promise he’ll get back to you. Call even if it’s the weekend. He might surprise you and be taking calls!


Shaking your hands to relieve tingling/numbness?
It’s a good idea to take care of yourself now and get a Carpal Rx before your symptoms worsen. We lost count of how many patients tell us:  “I wish I’d found you earlier! BEFORE all this misery and throwing away good money after bad.”


Symptoms waking you up at night?
This means your carpal tunnel is worsening. Only a Carpal Rx can help you with a 97% cure rate. Now is the time to try Carpal Rx risk free for 60 days. Remember, it only takes 30 days for even the most severe symptoms to go away.


Dr. Z inventor of the Carpal Rx
Dr. Maik Zannakis ( Dr. Z )
Founder, Inventor
Dr. Z invented the Carpal Rx 15 years ago so Mrs. Z wouldn’t have to undergo surgery.  Watch the 2 minute movie describing the love story! He also invented the Carpal Rx Night Brace. He designed it special for carpal tunnel because patients were continually complaining their regular braces made their hands hurt worse.

Carpal Rx

best kept secret in hand health today

cures 97% of patients – only carpal tunnel treatment w/this track record

carpal tunnel remedy
  • Think of Carpal Rx as your
    personal physical therapist

    always there when you need her
  • Affordable
    a fraction of the cost of surgery or physical therapy
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
    that’s 30 days more than it takes to cure your symptoms!
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