Dr. Maik Zannakis ( Dr. Z )
NeuroPhysiologist & Inventor
specializing in carpal tunnel
“My Carpal Rx spared 1000s
from carpal tunnel surgery

& I promise it’ll help you too”
Show Me the Carpal Rx!
Dr. Maik Zannakis ( Dr. Z )
NeuroPhysiologist & Inventor
specializing in carpal tunnel
“My Carpal Rx spared 1000s
from carpal surgery
& I promise it’ll help you too”
Show Me the Carpal Rx!
Dr. Z with Carpal Rx
Show Me the Carpal Rx!

My carpal tunnel treatment invention has a 47% BETTER cure rate than surgery.

Carpal Rx carpal tunnel treatment

Carpal Rx carpal treatment device

Dr. Zannakis ( Dr. Z )
Carpal Rx inventor
9 seconds
    • 100% safer
    • Totally non-invasive
    •  1/20th the cost of surgery
    • You use it at home 
    • And has a guaranteed 97% cure rate
PLUS you get your money back in the 3% chance it doesn’t work

Carpal Rx treatments are fast & simple:

Just slip it on

Carpal Rx carpal tunnel treatment

Turn it on & relax for 15 mins:

relax during your carpal treatment
Do this simple, pleasant routine twice a day for 30 days
& pain, numbness, tingling all vanish.
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Carpal Rx comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
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Last century, carpal tunnel syndrome became the scourge of the workplace.  Massive efforts to control it coined a new word as well as the industry named after it: “ergonomics.” Soon, just the idea of a  carpal tunnel treatment spawned an industry! Fortunes were made on weird gadgets, funky braces and the now commonplace hand surgery clinic.

Problem is nothing cured carpal tunnel. Not even surgery. A well-kept secret is that  51% of surveyed patients complain their symptoms return within 2 years. Due to these facts, the medical community can’t agree on a preferred treatment method.

Welcome to the Carpal Rx brand of a carpal tunnel treatment!

We at Carpal Rx understand YOU; the person coping with symptoms, comes first.

If your symptoms are mild, we have 11 years of experience helping people people completely resolve them through simple exercises and rest. We’re happy to provide these services free of charge. Take our hand pain evaluation survey and we’ll send you recommendations.

If your symptoms are moderate, give us a call or write to see if our Carpal Rx Night Brace will do the trick.

If your symptoms are severe, then absolutely try our Carpal Rx Massager. Fully 97% of the surgery patients we help cancel their operations. If it doesn’t work, send it back for a full refund.

Dr. Z inventor of the Carpal Rx
Dr. Maik Zannakis ( Dr. Z )
Founder, Inventor
Dr. Z invented the Carpal Rx Massager 15 years ago to save his wife from surgery. He invented the Carpal Rx Night Brace for patients who’ve since come to him for help.

Old Treatment Methods

  • Patients are anonymous
  • Consumers are mass marketed
  • Profits matter more than people
  • More than 1/2 the time, symptoms worsen
  • Providers aren’t accountable
  • No money-back guarantees

Carpal Rx Treatment Methods

  • We know you by first name
  • We develop relationships
  • Our relationships matter most
  • 97% of the time symptoms are cured
  • We’re available all the time
  • 100% money-back guarantee

we know carpal tunnel makes you miserable

you have 3 treatment choices to get rid of it

scroll for a summary on each

carpal tunnel treatment options
1) Surgery Last century’s go-to treatment
      Symptoms return in 51% of surgery patients
2) Physical Therapy Last century’s best kept secret
      Mayofascial release therapy works as well as surgery
3) Carpal Rx This century’s best kept secret
      Guaranteed 97% cure rate. . .
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live carpal tunnel surgery
Surgery Insights
    • Symptoms return
      in 51% of surveyed patients
    • Expensive
      after insurance average
      out-of-pocket = $4,500
    • Rehab
      physical therapy costs can
      exceed surgery costs
physical therapy store front
Physical Therapy
    • Myofascial release
      proven to cure 100% of symptoms
    • Find a good therapist
      your results equal the skill
      of the practitioner
    • Expensive
      typically about $3,000

Carpal Rx

best kept secret in hand health today

cures 97% of patients – only carpal tunnel treatment w/this track record

carpal tunnel remedy
  • Your personal physical therapist
    delivers expert myofascial release massage
    as you relax
  • Affordable
    Starting at 239.95
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


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