“The very best Carpal Tunnel Brace on the market today”

Southern Orthopaedic Assoc.

Dr. Z’s Carpal Rx Night Brace is the only brace
designed specially for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Watch the video below to see what makes it so special!

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“The very best Carpal Tunnel Brace on the market today”

Southern Orthopaedic Assoc.

Dr. Z’s Carpal Rx Night Brace is the only brace
designed specially for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Watch the video below to see what makes it so special!

Questions? Call! 800-450-6118

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The Carpal Rx Night Brace Story

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The Problem with Most Braces Sold for Carpal Tunnel

Patients want to know why their affected hand feels WORSE in the morning even though they slept wearing a brace.

To find out, Dr. Z carefully surveyed patients and collected details including their specific complaints, the kind of brace they used, and why they used them like they did.

Ah ha!

Patients were using the WRONG brace at the WRONG time!

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The SCANDAL of Most Carpal Tunnel Braces

Most people buy ordinary braces that say they’re sold for carpal tunnel.

But they’re not designed for carpal tunnel at all!

Their design actually WORSENS carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s scandalous.

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Hand Surgeons Praise Dr. Z’s Invention!

Dr. Z thought long and hard about the PERFECT carpal tunnel brace.

Most importantly, it must support the body’s ability to heal itself.

Working feverishly for weeks, he emerged from his lab with a design so innovative that surgeons attending the Southern Orthopaedic Assoc. Conference praised it to high heaven.

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Dr. Z Publicly Scolds Docs for Telling Patients to Wear Braces at Night

Wearing a brace during the day with arthritis, a sprain, or some other condition is fine.

But in carpal tunnel, it’s like telling patients to stand up while being tied to a chair.

Patients struggle against the brace whenever they try to move their hand.

That causes even more tissue damage and turns mild carpal tunnel into severe!

Most people accumulate a drawer full of braces trying to find one that helps. We now know most do more harm than good. Follow this link for a list of the most harmful.

Why ordinary braces cause you further damage

Ordinary braces, like those sold at CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc., may be labeled “carpal tunnel brace”. But they are not. That’s because they all have a metal spine on the palm side of the brace. That spine will push into your wrist joint when you bend your wrist. And pushing into your wrist causes additional pressure on you carpal tunnel.

You unconsciously bend your wrist while sleeping. And as long as that metal spine is on the palm side of the brace, you are doing more harm to your wrist joint by wearing that brace. This is why ordinary braces are NOT good for carpal tunnel syndrome.

How the Carpal Rx Night Brace helps you heal

Unlike any other brace in the world, the Carpal Rx Night Brace lets you position the metal spine safely AWAY from your palm. This lets your wrist joint heal while you sleep. You wake up with your hand rested and not stressed due to internal compression.

Physician do no harm!

Your family doctor is not a soft tissue specialist, so forgive him or her if you were told to wear a brace during the day. Ordinary braces are great for just about any other condition, but NOT carpal tunnel syndrome.

And if you ARE wearing you carpal tunnel brace during the waking hours — please stop. You’re making matters worse. That’s because even while awake, you will unconsciously fight the brace while using your hand. Muscles moving against an immovable force are called “isometric exercises”, and require additional force on a joint. Wearing s splint while using you hand will add more stress to your wrist joint and SURELY make your carpal tunnel syndrome worse.

In addition, part of the healing process is drainage of excess fluid from the affected area. Joints drain fluid ONLY when the joint moves. If your wrist joint is immobilized, fluid will only accumulate and never drain out, further making the carpal tunnel symptoms worse.

When to buy the Carpal Rx Night Brace

Some patients get relief by wearing the Carpal Rx Night Brace when symptoms first appear. However, if your symptoms are more advanced (like when they bother you while you’re awake) then simple night bracing alone isn’t enough to cure symptoms. That’s when you need the Carpal Rx myofascial massager. It’s best to use the Carpal Rx myofascial massager and ALSO the Carpal Rx Night Braced simultaneously to provide maximum healing for your wrist joint

 Wrist splint to stop hand pain?

Be wary of ordinary carpal tunnel braces

What is the best carpal tunnel brace you can get? A survey of the internet shows that there at least 200 companies each manufacturing up to a dozen models of hand braces. A good proportion of them are “for carpal tunnel syndrome”. And the price range is from $7 to $700. So how do you determine which is the best carpal tunnel brace — without going broke?

It’s important to realize that there are no FDA standards that regulate the design of hand braces. In other words, any manufacturer can create a hand brace and say it’s “for” carpal tunnel syndrome. Some even go so far as to claim it’s the best carpal tunnel brace you can buy, without so much as a second thought about the disease called carpal tunnel syndrome and how to treat it.


Best carpal tunnel brace check list

All braces just help manage pain. They will not cure the problem you’re wearing the brace for, especially carpal tunnel syndrome. However, the best carpal tunnel brace manufacturers understand the disease well. They build into their braces some key features needed to help heal this terrible condition.

Avoid carpal tunnel braces with a palmar spine

Most importantly, the best carpal tunnel brace will NOT have a permanent spine or “stay” on the palm side of the hand. This is crucial to keep the palm side as pressure-free as possible. That’s because carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease caused by pressure inside the wrist joint. If you’re wearing a brace that contains a metal stay over the palm area, then every time you bend your wrist the spine will push into the wrist joint. This increases the pressure underneath, deep inside the wrist joint. And that’s very bad if you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Very simply, and as noted Biomedical Engineer, medical device inventor, and brace expert Dr. M. Zannakis says, “If a brace has a permanent spine on the palm side, then it’s NOT a carpal tunnel brace.”

Instead, the best carpal tunnel braces will have a stay or spine located on the top or on the side of the hand. The absolute best carpal tunnel brace available today has 2 moveable spines that use Velcro to attach firmly to the hand (this is the Micro-Soft Carpal Tunnel Brace).

Best carpal tunnel brace features

First and foremost, and as stated above, the best carpal tunnel braces will not have a permanent stay on the palm. The other major things to look for are braces that fully enclose the hand, wrist and forearm. This reduces excess bending pressures on the wrist joint.

Next, the best carpal tunnel brace will be breathable and washable. Only a select few fabrics have these two crucial features.  Also make sure the brace tightens with straps, and the more straps the better. It is preferable if the straps are also moveable so that you can adjust them for comfort.

Finally, be wary because braces are one product field where “expensive” certainly does not mean “good”. You don’t have to go broke buying the best carpal tunnel brace. For example, the best brace available costs less than $70. In contrast, some braces that are mere fabric “tubes” (and next to useless) can cost over $200.

Carpal tunnel braces to avoid

Be extra careful if you’re considering buying a carpal tunnel brace online or in one of the many retail outlets like CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart. Also be wary of braces sold on “brace sites” and medical product sites. You’ll notice how similar they all are; and all of them have a palmar spine!

Also look out for these relatively expensive braces that claim to be the best carpal tunnel brace. They fall far short of having all of the features you require.

  •     DonJoy CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Braces
  •     Bauerfeind ManuTrain Wrist Brace
  •     New Version Wrist Brace by Bauerfeind ManuLoc
  •     Wrist Brace by Bauerfeind ManuLoc
  •     M-Brace #136 Air Wrist Splint Brace
  •     FLA ProLite Wrist Splint with Abducted Thumb
  •     ProCare IMAK Pil-O-Wrist Splint
  •     Bio Skin DP3 Cock-Up Wrist Brace
  •     DonJoy Neoprene Wrist Wrap
  •     Bio Skin DP2 Cock-Up Wrist Brace
  •     DonJoy Contoured Wrist/Forearm Splint
  •     Hely and Weber Tiny Titan Thumb Wrist Brace
  •     ProCare Loop-Lock Cock-Up Splint
  •     Hely and Weber Titan Thumb Wrist Brace
  •     Medtherapies Lace-Up Wrist Brace
  •     FLA Uni-Fit Wrist Splint
  •     ProCare Foam Wrist Splint
  •     DonJoy Universal Wrist/Forearm Splint
  •     ProCare Quick-Fit W.T.O. Wrist/Thumb
  •     ProCare Cock-Up Wrist Splint
  •     AirCast A2 Wrist Stabilizing Brace
  •     Ossur Exoform Wrist Brace
  •     Bledsoe Wrist Lacer Wrist Brace
  •     Bledsoe Universal Wrist Lacer

When to buy a carpal tunnel brace

No doubt you’re considering a carpal tunnel brace because you think you have carpal tunnel syndrome. And why not? A brace is a good, first-line therapy to treat this painful condition. Perhaps the doctor performed a test to confirm it, and he or she probably recommended you brace the affected wrist as well.

But you didn’t need a carpal tunnel test to know your hand had a problem. You likely felt symptoms and warning signs like hand or finger pain, numbness and tingling. In its first stages, many people try to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome by buying a carpal tunnel mouse or special carpal tunnel keyboard for the workstation. Some even wear a carpal tunnel thumb splint to manage the pain in the thumb while typing. These are good ergonomic interventions but they don’t fix the problem.

Choosing a carpal tunnel brace

While braces are good for mild symptoms, many people know next to nothing about them. So before buying a brace, you should know that no brace eliminates carpal tunnel pain. The brace merely keeps the hand from over bending, but pain relief is a different matter altogether. Keeping the wrist fixed in one position does nothing to stop the reason you have pain in the first place.

There literally are hundreds of braces to choose from. The product you need depends on several factors.  Here are some key points to consider when choosing a carpal tunnel brace:

  1. Only brace at night:

    Wearing a brace during the day will make you unconsciously fight the brace while you work. This will further worsen the carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, only wear a brace at night while you sleep to keep it from over-bending.

  2. Don’t day brace: 

    Wear a brace during the day only if you expect to over-work your hands, and even then, use it sparingly. The brace will keep the hand from over-stressing and can avoid sharp movements that cause pain. Thus, never wear it routinely for daily activities because that will do more harm than good to your hand.

  3. Ignore rigid braces: 

    There are many types of soft or rigid braces for sale. Rigid braces usually cost more, and do pretty much the same thing as soft braces: effectively immobilizing the hand and wrist.

  4. Consider a soft carpal tunnel brace: 

    Most large retailers sell soft braces (such as pharmacies, discount chains, etc.) are not very good for carpal tunnel syndrome. Generic braces were designed everyday wrist bracing, as required for sprains, arthritis, etc.

  5. Features of a good carpal tunnel brace: 

    A good carpal tunnel brace must have a few crucial features. First, it must keep the hand and wrist in the neutral position – which means flat. Second, it must be easily removable and easily washable. It should also allow the skin to breathe through the fabric.

  6. Mind the spine!

    Finally, and most importantly, a good carpal tunnel brace should have a thin aluminum spine that is NOT on the palm side of the hand. Any brace advertised as a “carpal tunnel brace” with a spine on the palm side is NOT designed for carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s because bending the wrist with a solid structure there will force pressure into the wrist joint. Pressure in the wrist joint, especially inside the carpal tunnel, is the root cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Thus, find a brace with the spine moved to the side or top of the fabric.

Buying a brace means taking the first step in addressing the fact that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is very well known to worsen if left untreated. Plenty of patients will attest that the carpal tunnel surgery and the long carpal tunnel surgery recovery was avoidable if they took early measures, before the condition got too severe.

Additional resources:

NCBI – NIH – Current approaches for carpal tunnel syndrome

NCBI – NIH – Carpal tunnel syndrome and work