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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Post Op Instructions

carpal tunnel surgery post op instructions

Your carpal tunnel surgery post op instructions

You’ve had carpal tunnel surgery — congratulations! Hopefully, the numbness, pain or tingling is in the past. Now it’s time to leave the recovery room and go home. The carpal tunnel doctor or staff will give you carpal tunnel surgery post op instructions. Read them carefully because the outcome of the surgery depends on how well you take care of yourself.

Initial carpal tunnel surgery post op instruction

When you get home, the surgery pain may not be so bad. That’s because the anesthetic has not worn off completely yet. But the pain will come. Indeed, taking medicines will be detailed completely in surgeon’s carpal tunnel surgery post op instructions. However, in a few days, the pain will lessen. But in the meantime:

  1. Take the prescription pain medicines on schedule.
  2. You might have an upset stomach upon arriving home. That’s probably due to the anesthesia. Thus, eat bland foods until your stomach settles.
  3. Keeping your hand in an elevated position helps. In fact, keeping it lower than your heart will make it much more painful.
  4. Use an ice pack on your surgical site to reduce swelling. You should ice it every few hours.
  5. Ask the surgeon when to resume taking normal daily medications.
  6. Sleep with your hand elevated and on a pillow.
  7. It’s preferable to not bathe for several days. However, if you do, then do not wet the bandages.
  8. Do not lie in bed. Instead, exercise as much as you can. Just don’t overdo it.
carpal tunnel recovery

Carpal tunnel surgery post op instruction for the coming weeks

In 1-2 weeks you will return to the surgeon’s office to remove the stitches. The surgical site will probably hurt a little. However, non-prescription medicines like Advil will ease the pain. The surgeon will then give you more instructions to follow for the next few weeks to months.

  1. A wrist brace will replace the bandages.
  2. Keep the brace clean and dry.
  3. Try to not hit you hand against anything.
  4. Exercise your fingers according to your therapy schedule. This will insure they don’t freeze up.
  5. Massage your scar with vitamin E oil twice daily.
  6. If you bought a brace from a pharmacy, remove the metal spine from the palm side. Otherwise it will push on your wrist causing harm.
  7. Follow the therapy schedule in the instructions. Indeed, restoring your hand’s function depends on your commitment to therapy. You may have to do therapy for up to a year.
  8. Call your doctor for anything unusual. The carpal tunnel surgery post op instructions will outline what to look out for. For example, seeing drainage of any kind or having unusual pain should prompt you to call the doctor. Likewise, any discoloration, red streaking or infection should be reported.
  9. Return to work only when able to use your hand well. In fact, after open release surgery it takes longer than after endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery. Also, don’t return to a job that caused the carpal tunnel syndrome to begin with. Specifically, if the job involved forceful or repetitive hand movements then do something else! That’s what probably caused the symptoms. Moreover, returning to the same job will cause symptoms to reappear. Therefore, another surgery might be needed.


You’re going home after carpal tunnel surgery. One of the most important things you can do at home is to follow the surgeon’s instructions. Your carpal tunnel surgery post op instructions will cover every aspect of what you should do. LIkewise, it will tell you what not to do. Above all, if you see or feel anything unusual at or near your wound site, call the doctor immediately.

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