Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace for Hairdressers

carpal tunnel wrist brace

When to Wear a Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

I’m constantly amazed how many people with carpal tunnel symptoms just slap on a wrist brace to make it feel better. It reminds me of my 4 year old daughter. Each time she had a boo boo she demanded a Band-Aid to ease the pain. Applying a brace to relieve carpal tunnel is almost the same thing. But instead, the brace is probably making the carpal tunnel worse. Why? First, because you’re probably wearing it all day. Second, you’re probably not wearing a “real” carpal tunnel wrist brace.

The prevalence of carpal tunnel

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, then symptoms are probably typical. In particular, it means you have hand or finger pain, numbness or tingling. Generally, the thumb is especially painful. But your little (pinky) finger is normal. We already know that you can acquire carpal tunnel by making rapid and forceful hand and finger movements. People who type, grip, and manipulate small objects are especially prone. Hairdressers and stylists are famous for this condition. Using shears and combs taxes their hands. It’s why the incidence of carpal tunnel is 5 times more in the hairdressing and styling industry.

Did the doctor say to wear a carpal tunnel wrist brace?

A physiologist understands the body and how it works (or doesn’t work). But most doctors are not physiologists. They fail to understand the underlying cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Their well-meaning (and gold standard) advice is to wear a brace all the time. Indeed, 24/7. But that’s not good for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The problem of carpal tunnel comes from swollen tendons inside the wrist joint. Braces keep a hand immobile. And tendon immobility can be very bad for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Movement promotes fluid drainage

Sure, it might hurt to move you hand a lot with carpal tunnel. But you MUST move it. That’s how excess fluid drains out of the wrist joint. Keeping the hand immobile will cause more fluid buildup. And that’s not good for carpal tunnel. Therefore, it’s far better to NOT wear a carpal tunnel wrist brace – or any brace – while you work. Allow your hand the freedom to move and go through its range of motions. This is the only way the body can pump fluid away from the swollen area. Also, such movement will increase blood flow. This helps the healing process. Of course, don’t over-do the hand movements because that will cause unnecessary agony.

How you do more harm by wearing a brace

Wearing a brace when you have carpal tunnel syndrome can be harmful if you make 3 big mistakes.

  • First, you shouldn’t wear the brace during the day.
  • Second, you have to brace while you sleep.
  • Third, you must wear the correct brace at night.

A carpal tunnel wrist brace at NIGHT is essential

OK, you should NOT wear a brace while working. However, you MUST wear a brace while you sleep. Doing so will prevent your wrist from over- bending. Over-bending the wrist will increase pressure on the median nerve. And that makes the problem worse.

Doing harm if it’s not a true carpal tunnel wrist brace

Chances are you purchased a brace from CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart or the like. It might even say “for carpal tunnel syndrome”. But trust me; it’s not a carpal tunnel wrist brace. Why? Those braces probably have a flat metal spine on the palm side of the brace. When worn, the spine presses against your wrist while you sleep. Now imagine if you unconsciously bend your hand backward. That spine will press into your wrist joint. Doing so increases the pressure inside the carpal tunnel space. And that damages the nerve even more.

Unfortunately, most brace manufacturers don’t know any better. They already market an attractive all-purpose brace. Then they just change color and call it a “carpal tunnel wrist brace” to penetrate another market.

Instead, a TRUE carpal tunnel wrist brace will not have a spine on the palm. The spine will be on the top or side of the hand, well away from the palm.

In fact, I co-invented a carpal tunnel wrist brace just for carpal tunnel syndrome. It lets you position the spine anywhere you want. The brace is the Carpal Rx Night Brace. I’m pleased to say it has won distinction for its novel design.


A true carpal tunnel wrist brace, when worn at night, will help reduce carpal tunnel symptoms. However, the wrong kind of brace can make your symptoms worse. Moreover, wearing any brace during the day will likely make your carpal tunnel more painful.

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About 15 years ago my wife was waking up during the wee hours screaming from carpal tunnel pain.
I’m not exaggerating. She’d literally scream from pain shooting from her wrist to her shoulder. She still shudders when she thinks about it. She was my motivation for inventing the Carpal Rx.

I knew she had carpal tunnel syndrome. And being a physiologist, I knew how to treat her. I’m skilled in a physical therapy technique called myofascial release. It’s a type of massage with an excellent track record for completely curing carpal tunnel symptoms.

So I’d massage her arm until the pain subsided and we could both go back to sleep. But her pain was so severe that she insisted on wanting surgery. It was so bad that she was afraid to go sleep at night.

I was dead-set against surgery because I knew myofascial release was a much better option. I made a bargain with her. Give me 30 days to cure her symptoms using massage and if it didn’t work – I’d go along with the surgery.

She agreed and I got busy in the lab. I hodgepodged together the first Carpal Rx prototype. Using it before bed for 15 minutes, she was able to sleep through the night by the 2nd day.

Carpal Rx, born out of love & compassion.

Dr. Z invented Carpal Rx to cure his wife’s symptoms so she didn’t have to undergo surgery.

Carpal Rx, born of love & compassion