Hand Exercises for Hairdressers

This 60 second exercise routine ensures carpal tunnel won't shortcut your beauty career Adhira is a hand healthy hairdresser enthusiast! Here's her story: Adhira asked me to design a carpal tunnel prevention routine for beauty school students [...]

Hand Exercises for Dental Hygienists

Patient stories from Dr. Z's journal Dr. Z (M. Zannakis PhD) Award-winning neurophysiologist specializing in hand pain & nerve injury repair 21+ medical device patents 100+ peer reviewed publications Custom prescribed hand exercises for dental professionals [...]

Carpal Tunnel & Arthritis Treatment

Carpal Tunnel & Arthritis Treatment I just spoke with Christina from Tennessee who has both carpal tunnel & arthritis. Her story is interesting and I’ve heard it several times before. I’m sharing it here so that if you have carpal tunnel syndrome as [...]

Twenty Years with Carpal Tunnel

Twenty Years with Carpal Tunnel - a chat I had with a patient today Today I received a call from Mr. G. who lives in Brooklyn. He has suffered for twenty years with carpal tunnel syndrome in his right hand. He has a [...]

Carpal Tunnel Pain in Two Sisters

Carpal Tunnel Pain in Two Sisters Sally (L) and Wendy (R) Helping Wendy and Sally with carpal tunnel pain In 2006 I helped two sisters, Sally and Wendy. They both were worried about carpal tunnel syndrome [...]

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