Carpal Tunnel Doctor

//Carpal Tunnel Doctor

Carpal Tunnel Doctor

Getting the right carpal tunnel doctor is one of the most important steps in treating your condition. An experienced doctor will do tests to confirm carpal tunnel. The doctor will also provide various treatment options for you.

A typical carpal tunnel doctor will recommend one or more non-surgical remedies to begin with. These might include rest, night bracing, heating pad and massage. Many patients benefit from these remedies. However, others do not.

This is when your  doctor may recommend surgery. If your doctor is a qualified hand surgeon, the doctor will inform you about the type of surgery he or she prefers to use. Most surgeons use the open release type of surgery. This operation is less risky than the endoscopic method. But it also has a much longer recovery time.

Discuss all of your options with the doctor. Voice your questions and concerns. And make sure you are satisfied with open and honest answers.