“My Carpal Tunnel Doctor Doesn’t Care About Me”

my doctor doesn’t care

I’ve heard the sentiment, “My carpal tunnel doctor doesn’t care” way too often to ignore its significance. Sometimes it’s said with anguish and other times with anger:

I just got off the phone with Paul (not his real name) and he ran the gamut of emotions.

Paul is 67, lives in Georgia and he phoned asking about his bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome.  That simply means he has carpal tunnel in both hands. For 7 years he’s been dealing with severe pain. Finally, with high hopes of pain relief,  Paul had open carpal tunnel release surgery on his right hand 9 days ago.  To his dismay and frustration, the pain got worse rather than better.  Desperate, he picked up his phone and using google voice yelled: “the best thing for carpal tunnel syndrome!” That’s how he found me and here’s the rest of his story.

“My carpal tunnel doctor doesn’t care…he just wants to make money”

On his first follow-up visit after surgery, Paul patiently explained to the office staff  about his persistent and worsening pain.  His doctor’s advice was to wait the pain out for 3 more months. Then to Paul’s astonishment he added:

“If it’s still bad, we’ll do another carpal tunnel surgery.”

Paul raged into the phone:

“Does he think I’m a @#&# idiot? I told him straight out: you couldn’t fix it the first time, why should I believe you can fix it a second time!?!’”

Because Paul has  carpal tunnel symptoms in both hands, his doctor had planned a surgery on each spaced one month apart..

Now his surgeon’s plans were a revision surgery in 3 months followed by surgery on the remaining hand one month later. For a total of 3 surgeries and in the meantime Paul is left to deal with his pain.

At this point, Paul was almost moaning into the phone:

“My doctor doesn’t care. He just wants to make money. Whether the surgery works or not doesn’t make a bit of difference to him. And he waves off my hand pain like it’s nothing. All he did was prescribe hydrocodone – a narcotic!  All he wants to do is cut me open as many times as he can for the sake of money.”

When I asked what the doctor’s response was to Paul’s complaints, he said:

“If you’re not happy, then find another surgeon.”

Learning point:

If you don’t get pain relief immediately after surgery, it’s not a good sign. Statistically these patients have a much lower chance of having symptoms resolve.

What should be done versus what is done

Truth of the matter is,  when patients tell me: “my doctor doesn’t care,” they’re not exaggerating.

This was already on the radar of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) almost 20 years ago. This is the organization that regulates hand surgery practices. Concerned because surgery clinics were operating like factories, they drafted guidelines on the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome exclusively for hand surgeons.

The guidelines clearly state when and under what conditions a doctor should perform surgery. Here are the highlights:

  1. Doctors must try every non-surgical intervention for carpal tunnel patient before advising surgery.
  2. Surgeons must try all non-surgical remedies on a patient for at least 6 months.
  3. Only after the above is surgery to be recommended.

I wondered if anybody is listening.

During a medical conference in 2010, I attempted to see how many doctors were actually following the AAOS guidelines. I informally polled hand surgeons asking:

“Of all the patients you diagnose with carpal tunnel syndrome, in how many instances do you recommend surgery right away, without other intervention?”

For the most part, they’d look at me like I’m from Mars and reply:

“How many? All of them.”

Getting weird vibes from YOUR doctor? There’s a reasonable chance your surgeon doesn’t care about you as a person. Only as a dollar sign.

What can be done for Paul?

First of all, Paul needs to let his right hand heal from surgery. Just let it rest for another month. Take the pain killers his doctor prescribed only as needed because hydrocodone is highly addictive.

The good news is that Paul is an excellent candidate for restoring both hands to normal using my Carpal Rx invention. It automatically applies myofascial release physical therapy. This type of physical therapy resolves the problems that cause carpal tunnel.

How Carpal Rx Cures Carpal Tunnel

1 min. 45 sec.

Paul and I spoke about how it’s unfortunate he didn’t discover the Carpal Rx  before the misery of his surgery began. Yet at the same time, he wouldn’t have found me otherwise.

Fact is, about 25% of all the calls I take from carpal tunnel patients are due to failed surgeries. Symptoms resolve in 97% of these patients by using the Carpal Rx.

So this is Paul’s prescription:

As his right hand recovers, he’s applying the Carpal Rx to his left hand twice a day for 3-4 weeks. Within that time, his pain symptoms will disappear.

After restoring his left hand, he’ll apply the Carpal Rx to his operated right hand.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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