Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

severe carpal tunnel syndrome

Is the pain or numbness in your fingers or hand driving you crazy? You might have severe carpal tunnel syndrome. If you see a carpal tunnel doctor, he or she defines “severe” carpal tunnel very specifically. In particular, it’s when carpal tunnel symptoms are so bad they interfere with almost every aspect of your life.

Causes of severe carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when the median nerve inside the wrist joint is compressed. The compression happens because sometimes the tendons and other nearby tissues thicken and inflame. As a result, swelling occurs. The swollen tissues then push on the nerve, compressing it.

The compression causes various grades of pain, numbness, tingling, burning and weakness. As a result, the nerve compression is felt differently between people. Generally, it involves symptoms like pain, numbness or tingling in the fingers or hand. Frequently, many people feel hand weakness as well.

Signs you have severe carpal tunnel syndrome

Usually, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome start out gradually. You may not even be conscious of them. For example, sensations like tingling, numbness, itching or burning or itching might be passed off as “overworked hands”. For example, you think you aggravated something when if you do things like use tools, drive, knit, or play sports.

These sensations are usually worse the thumb. However, they do not occur in the little finger. Sometimes fingers feel swollen, but they’re not. Also, the sensations may be felt in both hands at the same time. Usually, pain becomes the worst symptom. It gets more intense as time goes on, especially if it is ignored.

As the condition progresses, symptoms get worse. In fact, patients with severe carpal tunnel syndrome say their sensations are “extreme”. Severe symptoms interfere with everyday life. As such, finger or hand pain, burning, weakness, numbness and tingling are constant. Hence, you cannot even sleep without these issues waking you up.

Additionally, signs of severe carpal tunnel syndrome are when symptoms radiate up the arm. Usually, you lose dexterity and grip strength. For instance, it becomes difficult to do simple things like pick up coins, button a shirt, tie shoelaces or write with a pen.

Advanced severe carpal tunnel syndrome

Advanced severe carpal tunnel syndrome means the condition progressed without intervention. At this point it is usually irreversible. This is when you see wasting of the muscles at the base of the thumb. That’s the bump between your wrist and thumb. You can actually see the muscle get smaller and flat. Also, it may appear wrinkled.

Moreover, people with advanced severe carpal tunnel syndrome may lose the sensation of hot and cold. In fact, they can easily burn themselves on a hot stove. Finally, hand and finger function is nearly gone.

Treating Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In some cases, severe carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by relieving the pressure on the median nerve. This is what carpal tunnel surgery attempts to do. However, the more advanced the condition, the more likely surgery will fail.

Thus, when treating severe carpal tunnel syndrome, you should consider 3 things.

  • How bad the symptoms are
  • Length of time you’ve had the symptoms
  • Degree symptoms affect your life

Never allow symptoms to advance to where the pain is excruciating. Indeed, this unfortunate situation is what happens in many cases. By this point severe carpal tunnel syndrome can still be treated. Of course, it’s more difficult.

hand pain

Techniques for severe carpal tunnel syndrome

The best techniques are B.R.E.M. It stands for brace, rest, exercise/stretching, and massage.

  • Bracing your hand at night will help you avoid over-bending your wrist. This will provide rest for your wrist joint. Moreover, make sure to sleep with a brace designed for carpal tunnel syndrome. As a matter of fact, generic braces are bad and can aggravate the condition.
  • Rest your hand and insure you don’t do anything that could aggravate the condition even more. Usually, if your hand is quiet for 3-4 weeks it will dramatically reduce symptoms. Also, take avoidance measures. For instance, take frequent breaks when sitting at a computer. And avoid the repetitive hand activity that made your hand sick to begin with.
  • ​​​​​​​Exercise and stretch your fingers, hand and wrist often. Usually, the more stretching you do the less likely your symptoms will progress. Use the 30-30 rule. That means doing 30 seconds of stretches every 30 minutes.
  • Massage your wrist and forearm using myofascial release techniques. Indeed, this is crucial to relieve severe carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s highly effective. However, it must be done twice a day for at least 4 weeks to see symptoms diminish.


Severe carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the patient has not treated the condition early enough. The more advanced the carpal tunnel, the more difficult it is to treat effectively. Many people opt for carpal tunnel surgery at this point. However, with any treatment attempted, the likelihood that symptoms will be reduced depends on two things. First, the severity of the condition. Second, how long you’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome.

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