Carpal Tunnel Surgery Prevention

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Prevention

Dr. Z’s prescription:

Relax Dear Carpal Tunnel Pain Sufferer

Carpal tunnel surgery prevention is a sure thing. I’ve helped people just like you for decades and I’m the foremost authority on these matters. You found the right doctor.

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Prevention Prescription

  1. All carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) begins with repetitive hand motions. Back in the 60s, factory and textile workers were being crippled from CTS because of the nature of their work. In fact, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was set up in 1971 specifically to control factory conditions to protect these workers.
    Take an inventory of the motions you make most and

    Give it a rest.

  2. Take frequent breaks.

    Rest intermittently, whenever it comes to mind. It’s important not to get on a set schedule of breaks so you don’t condition the soft tissues in your hands to expect a break. Keep em guessing!

  3. Exercises & Stretches!

    We’ve got a list of fan favorites you’ll find below. Take it easy with these. Understand clearly that you have damaged, inflamed soft tissue inside your hand and wrist. If you push it till it hurts – you’ll make your condition worse.

  4. Use a heating pad

    For 15 minutes on your wrist and forearm (not hand) in the evening.

  5. Use a brace ONLY at night.

    For over a decade, patients complained to me that they use a carpal tunnel brace according to their doctor’s orders. But their pain only gets worse. To make a long story, I had to invent a brace special for my patients. You can read the whole story on the Carpal Rx Night Brace page.
    I promise you, there is no safe brace on the market besides the one I invented. Just because I feel a little bit guilty about being the one and only, if you buy one, email me at [email protected] with your receipt number and I’ll send you $8.00.

    Did you know there are such things as thumb braces?

  6. Mayofascial release physical therapy.

    Lastly, if your still on track for surgery – you absolutely can STILL prevent getting mayofascial release therapy. It’s a specialized massage proven to decompress the median nerve that causes carpal tunnel syndrome. You can get it from a physical therapist as well as some massage therapists. OR! You can buy a Carpal Rx that’ll do the job for you at home at a tiny fraction of the cost! PLUS you get all your money back if it doesn’t work.

Fan Favorite Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Even though studies are mixed regarding how well exercises work to heal carpal tunnel – our fans tells us they work great when they also wear the Carpal Rx Night Brace at night. This combination is very successful for carpal tunnel surgery prevention.

Be careful! You’ve got an inflamed wrist and if you over-do these exercises, you’ll make matters words. It if hurts – stop. This isn’t a drill sergeant “no pain – no gain” scenario.

So start slow and carefully monitor your comfort level. As you heal, you’ll be able to do more. We’ve divided the exercises into categories to make it easier on you. Advance through them as you gain strength and heal. It’s a good idea to bookmark this page.

  1. Easy
  2. Moderate
  3. Advanced

Easy Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Surgery Prevention

  1. Shake, Shake, Shake!

    First, just shake your hands like crazy. Try to keep it up until your start to feel warmth in your fingers. These are especially handy (LOL) when the numbness wakes you up at night.

  2. Blinking Hands

    Now make a fist and slide your fingers open until they’re pointing straight up. Open and close your fist 5 to 10 times like a blinking light.

  3. Blinking Hands to Fanning Hands

    Afterwards, every time you open and close your fist – also fan your fingers so they’re stretched as far apart as possible. Do this another 5 to 10 times.

  4. A Okay!

    Lastly, turns touching the tip of each finger to the tip of your thumb forming a big OK sign.

Want more stretches? These carpal tunnel stretches work great!

Moderate Level Carpal Tunnel Exercises

  1. Hand Curls

    Now, sit comfortably at a table and rest your arm and elbow on it. Allow your wrist to extend over the edge while keeping your palm facing upward.
    With your wrist starting in a straight position, bend it so your fingers point upward. Hold for 5 seconds and go back to the straight position again.
    Next, bend in the opposite direction: point your fingers downward. Hold this for 5 seconds, then straighten you hand again.
    Do 10 sets, three times a day.

  2. Wrist Flex with Hand Fan

    First, stretch your arm, hand, and fingers straight out in front of you, palm facing down.
    Then, bend your wrist downward with your fingers pointing to the floor. Use your other hand to increase the stretch, gently pulling your fingers toward you. Hold this for 30 seconds.
    Now, keep your hand extended and make a “Stop!” motion with your fingers pointing up. Use your other hand and pull your fingers backward, toward you. When properly done, your forearm muscles will feel stretched. Hold this for 5 seconds.
    Do 10 sets, three times a day.

  3. Hitch Hiking

    The key to this series of exercises is smooth and slow. You’ll move your hand and finger through a several positions, nice and easy.
    To begin, start with bent elbows and straight wrists. Keep your fingers together and pointed upward. Relax your thumb. Then bend your fingers inward, at the middle knuckles. Your fingertips should touch the top of your palm. The result appears like you’re hitch-hiking a ride.
    Now straighten your fingers to form an L-shape with your hand. Keep your thumb relaxed. Then fold your fingers straight down so they touch your palm. When done properly, you’re making a straight-fingered fist. Now curl your fingers into a normal fist.
    Do 10 sets, three times a day.

  4. Smooth Gliding

    This is similar to the last exercise. You’ll move through several positions, so proceed smoothly and slowly.
    Start by bending your elbow, with a straight wrist. Make a fist facing you.
    Now straighten out your fingers so they point upward. Tuck your thumb in.
    Now bend your wrist to point your fingertips away from you, thumb still tucked in. Extend your thumb sideways, and hold this position. While doing so, turn your forearm away from you. Use your opposite hand to pull your thumb down to get a bit more stretching.
    Do this for 5 seconds, and repeat 5 times. Do this exercise three times every day.

Advanced Carpal Tunnel Exercises

  1. Wrist Assist

    Start by sitting comfortably at a table with the arm affected by carpal tunnel out-stretched.
    Now place your forearm, wrist and hand with your palm facing downward on the table.
    Next, place your other hand across the knuckles, forming a plus sign. Try lifting the bottom hand up, but also try to resist it with the upper hand. When done properly, your forearm muscles will feel stretched. Hold this for 5 seconds
    Repeat three times a day.

  2. Can-Can Lifts

    Go get a 1-lb can of food from the pantry and hold it in the affected hand. (Anything you can easily hold and weighs one pound is great!)
    Now, stand up and keep your glued to your side. Lift your forearm so it makes an L-shape, parallel with the floor.
    Next, keep your wrist straight and your palm facing downward. Now bend your wrist up and bring it down straight again. Repeat these “can lifts” 10 times, and three times each day.

  3. Squeeze for Dear Life!

    Garb a pair of balled-up socks (or a squishy rubber ball) and squeeze it firmly. Hold the squeeze for 5 seconds, relax, and repeat 10 times. Do this exercise three times each day

It’s never too late for carpal tunnel surgery prevention

It’s never too late to prevent surgery if you know what to do. Particularly, if you’re at risk, or if you have the first signs of carpal tunnel (like hand or finger pain, tingling, numbness, soreness, pins-and-needles) take action immediately.

Follow the carpal tunnel surgery prevention prescription on this page and your hands will remain healthy.

Carpal tunnel surgery is one of the most often-performed operations today. Accordingly, a quarter million Americans undergo this operation for carpal tunnel syndrome because they think it’s their last resort. Now you know better.

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